2014 Episode 5: Talking Mirror with Jeong Yu-Mi

Watch Episode 5 Here

Jeong Yu-Mi is an actress best known for starring in A Thousand Days’ Promise and Rooftop Prince.

Talking Mirror

Jeong Yu-mi’s tips are focused very heavily on herbal remedies and health supplements. She talks about taking red ginseng, deer antler, vitamins, maple water, pear sap, burdock tea, and eel juice. She also discusses how to keep dead skin cells at bay!

Health tips

jeong yumi guava get it beauty health tips

Burdock Tea to reduce morning puffiness and help regulate hormones in women

Guava to faciliate weight loss and benefit anti-aging

Maple water to drink because antioxidants improve skin beauty and prevent skin aging

Balloon flower sap and pear sap to soothe sore throats

Eel juice to boost energy

Beauty Tips

Jeung Yumi talking mirror get it beauty lip mask

Exfoliant – Philosophy Resurface – The Microdelivery Dual-Phase Peel // PhilosophyAmazonSephora

Anti-Aging Pads – Philosophy Miracle Workerâ„¢ Miraculous Anti-aging Retinoid Pads and Solution // PhilosophyAmazonSephora

Lip Mask – No specific brand / product mentioned // AmazonW2BeautyKoreadepart


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